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Our DMC has a wide selection of hotels at each resort we operate. Every selected hotel has been choosen and offered to our partners where we’ve had the experiences based on our the guests’ satisfaction throughout the long years. Our partners’ common buying power enables us to make intensive contracts on allotment or commitment basis and those portfolio of hotels can make your Company a competetive one

We pay a great attention to tourism technology and invest for future, our B2B ONLINE booking engine or XML entegrations is another big plus why we are preferred.






                                                                               Super Price






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                                                                               Super Price






                                                                               Super Price

Alanya Resort & Hotel

Kemer Resort & Hotel

Side Resort & Hotel

Belek Resort & Hotel

Güzeloba Mh. Rauf Denktaş Cd. 2190 Sk. No:1-3 , 
Antalya – Turkey

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Existence over 24 years brings a great reliability and trust whilst it assists you both on a creative and professional level. We are able to provide preferential
rates and conditions based on respectable brand from our selected suppliers for our
loyal partners.

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