Who We Are

Welcome to Our Destination Management Company

Vas Tour Turkey has been serving in travel business since 1994, capable to fulfill our operators needs and wishes at utmost satisfaction. As being an experienced handling agent in Balkan, we provide our special clients the most suitable packages according to their interest and special wishes which brought a very good reputation on the thought and planning that go into our holidays, as well as the personel service in which we take great pride.

Vas Group Member

Vas Group is composed of different businesses that lead it among the most successful companies in our market. Each of these businesses is an outstanding brand in the market, driven by professional and dedicated staff. All these elements make our group a highly prestigious and of high financial sustainability. Our numerous partners are among the strongest businesses in Balkan area. Vas Group objective is to cooperate with the most prominent companies in order to enhance and promote the activities of both sides.

G. Manager

We want to thank you for your trust which brought
us where we stand.
We are aware of the great expectations and for  this
reason we will never stop improving ourselves
professionally, working and sharing with you all what
we know best and what we love most!


Vision & Mission

• Keeping up to the latest innovations and technology to provide our guests & partners the most efficient services while maintaining high satisfaction.
• Offering the highest quality packages and services to our clients & partners while keeping our prices competitive.

• We want Perfection.
• Business experts.
• Innovative, creative. Continuous improvement is a must.
• Work as a team, we ensure success as a team. Keeping our guests fully satisfied with service levels.
• Quality of the products and services we provide our guests with benefits.
• While keeping an eye on our guest  we want to be associated thrustworthy.
• Build open and honest relationships.
• Fair competition as well.
• We keep our promises.

Belge No: 11008
  Güzeloba Mah. 2190 Sok. Mustafa Özderin İşmerkezi NO:1/101 Muratpaşa,
Antalya – Turkey
  +90 2423490669

who we are

Existence over 30 years brings a great reliability and trust whilst it assists you both on a creative and professional level. We are able to provide preferential
rates and conditions based on respectable brand from our selected suppliers for our
loyal partners.

Part of Vas Group