Two football fields: One stadium field with a spectator`s capacity of 1.700 people and one training field. Two more football training fields are also available at the Gloria Football Center, 5 minutes away from Gloria Sports Arena with free shuttle service. Football fields are built according to FIFA standards.

Soccer Specific Tests and Training Opportunities

• Body Composition with gold standard BODPOD
• Isokinetic strength tests and training with ISOMED 2000
• Aerobic capacity (Lactate & VO2max tests) – HP Cosmos treadmills and QUARK CPET
• Anaerobic power test with MONARK ergometer
• Jump tests with OPTOJUMP system
• Motion analyses with 2D & 3D video analyses systems
• 3D ground reaction force analysis with 2 KISTLER force plates
• Agility tests and trainings with SPEEDCOURT
• 3D Posture and Spine analyses
• Footscan test for foot pathologies
• Gait Analysis with high speed cameras
• HYDROWORX for post injury training and conditioning
• Anthropometric tests
• Soccer specific test protocols for all age groups



Training Areas

• 105 x 65 m stadium field with a spectator`s capacity of 1.700 people
• 100 x 65 m training field
• 2000 m2 main gym with Technogym Cardio & Strength Training Devices
• Indoor cycling studio with 24 bikes
• Weightlifting studio with ESP full racks and free standing platforms
• Combat sports studio with functional training equipment (TRX, Bosuball and Pilates Balls)
• Studios for Mat and Group training
• 1,7 km outdoor natural running trail
• 1,5 & 2,5 degrees incline running track
• Stair climbing areas with various heights

Specific Equipment

• Training goals, mini goals
• Free kick sets
• Training equipment (cones, slalom sets,
hurdles, agility ladders, sprint sleds etc.)
• Vertimax vertical jump and speed training